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Portfolio - Unseen

In this series, (Unseen’ events), I have has sought out quieter, unspoilt spaces. Areas that people drive past without necessarily noticing or visually engaging with. I am interested in creating compositions that evoke the fuller extent of the visual potential of each spot, conveying my personal engagement and connection with it at the exact moment and conditions of encounter.


Although the spaces are unfamiliar to me, I am arrested in each case by the energy, identity, the particulars of character and the relationship to the elements of these otherwise random environments. I am intrigued, captivated and intent on exposing the otherwise 'unseen' event, rather than allowing them to go on being unnoticed as ‘non-events’.


The project is also an attempt to parallel my own struggle with quietness and feelings of self-invisibility: Perhaps my urgency lies in the parallel of my own internal spaces that I am aware balance the scale between the unseen significance and the non-event of existence, as well as an attempt to realise the non-realisation of full potential.

‘Unseen’ - Group exhibition MOP5 (Month of Photography). SA Museum, Cape Town. 1 November 2012 – 15 October 2012

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